How Your Marketing Message Multiples Your Sales, By Marty Katz Connectors 360

Many managers responsible for growth find that they cannot get the sales they want. They are not connecting with their target audiences because their marketing message is not clear or memorable.   Marketing builds the relationship with prospects by generating awareness and engagement. This is the way that you introduce your company to them so they can move through the sales funnel.   Sales is the closing process which builds on the momentum created by your marketing message.   The marketing message is based on the Three Rules of Marketing: No one cares about you. Prospects have their own business issues and lives to deal with.Prospects will only remember the problem you solve. The problem resides with the buyer. So many managers talk about their processes, technologies, achievements and successes. All that is about the seller. Prospects won’t do the work to figure it out. If they have to sift through your message to see if it relates to them, they won’t.   The Multiplier Effect If you have a clear and memorable marketing message, the impact of your sales message will be strengthened.Your marketing message will provide vital preparation for your sales team to open and close with enhanced outcomes.This is the multiplier effect.And this is what it takes to get the multiplier impact: A well-crafted marketing message, communicated on your website, lead magnet, in collateral materials, personal email messages, Google ads, SEO optimization, blogs and email drip campaigns.   Your message has to be repeated over and over […]

Are you killing deals from poor lead conversion?

By: Larry Dillon Are you killing deals from poor lead conversion? 75% of disqualified leads are actually qualified and go on to purchase from a competitor. This is the result of an in-depth survey of 450 disqualified leads provided to us by dozens of suppliers.   What is killing your conversion rate?  The challenge is that from 30 years of research into this problem, there is not just a few key problems, there are many issues at hand.  First you have to look at the buyer.  It is the buyers process that is important.  The buyers process must be looked at first, and then you can develop your selling process from there.  It’s easy to try and develop a selling process in a vacuum and try to shove that on your buyers.  It does not usually end well.  For the scope of this article, we are going to explore the first part of the selling process — converting a lead into an appointment.  This is the part of the sales process that most companies give themselves a failing grade. The challenge when you have a lead is that you are not dealing with one type of buyer, you are dealing with buyers that look at the purchasing process in many ways.  It’s important to understand a few facts about buyers. Buyers do not have to be responsive Buyers are liars Buyers prefer a prescriptive sales approach   Buyers don’t have to be responsive.  Every month my team will close deals from […]