How Your Marketing Message Multiples Your Sales, By Marty Katz Connectors 360

Many managers responsible for growth find that they cannot get the sales they want. They are not connecting with their target audiences because their marketing message is not clear or memorable.   Marketing builds the relationship with prospects by generating awareness and engagement. This is the way that you introduce your company to them so they can move through the sales funnel.   Sales is the closing process which builds on the momentum created by your marketing message.   The marketing message is based on the Three Rules of Marketing: No one cares about you. Prospects have their own business issues and lives to deal with.Prospects will only remember the problem you solve. The problem resides with the buyer. So many managers talk about their processes, technologies, achievements and successes. All that is about the seller. Prospects won’t do the work to figure it out. If they have to sift through your message to see if it relates to them, they won’t.   The Multiplier Effect If you have a clear and memorable marketing message, the impact of your sales message will be strengthened.Your marketing message will provide vital preparation for your sales team to open and close with enhanced outcomes.This is the multiplier effect.And this is what it takes to get the multiplier impact: A well-crafted marketing message, communicated on your website, lead magnet, in collateral materials, personal email messages, Google ads, SEO optimization, blogs and email drip campaigns.   Your message has to be repeated over and over […]

Are you killing deals from poor lead conversion?

By: Larry Dillon Are you killing deals from poor lead conversion? 75% of disqualified leads are actually qualified and go on to purchase from a competitor. This is the result of an in-depth survey of 450 disqualified leads provided to us by dozens of suppliers.   What is killing your conversion rate?  The challenge is that from 30 years of research into this problem, there is not just a few key problems, there are many issues at hand.  First you have to look at the buyer.  It is the buyers process that is important.  The buyers process must be looked at first, and then you can develop your selling process from there.  It’s easy to try and develop a selling process in a vacuum and try to shove that on your buyers.  It does not usually end well.  For the scope of this article, we are going to explore the first part of the selling process — converting a lead into an appointment.  This is the part of the sales process that most companies give themselves a failing grade. The challenge when you have a lead is that you are not dealing with one type of buyer, you are dealing with buyers that look at the purchasing process in many ways.  It’s important to understand a few facts about buyers. Buyers do not have to be responsive Buyers are liars Buyers prefer a prescriptive sales approach   Buyers don’t have to be responsive.  Every month my team will close deals from […]

Get top-notch office mover training at

  Since 1997, has been the global storefront for the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), the world’s only university of office moving, and Office Moving Systems, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of highly specialized office moving products and equipment. For nearly 30 years, Ed Katz has been providing independent training and certification to moving industry professionals. If you’re an office mover, you will benefit tremendously from the exclusive training provided by Additionally, if you are a company that is moving, look for the IOMI® designation to ensure you are getting the best service possible. To minimize business disruption, reduce training expenses, and address the high turnover of entry level employees, Ed’s customers asked him to develop a learning alternative that: • Provides training for movers that covers the best practice methods to minimize the risk of injury to employees and damage to buildings and cargo. • Trains sales how to estimate accurately with the IOMI® proprietary formula so that jobs can finish on time for the price quoted with a built-in profit. • Allows all employees—executives, sales, admin, customer service, and ops access training modules online, anytime, at their convenience.   For the first time ever, Ed and IOMI® now deliver an affordable, next-generation online training program. Your business will experience minimal interruption with its on-demand course. For more information, visit

For Immediate Release

“Wendover -InsightPRM Business Growth Report – Q3 2016” This quarter, Kansas City ranked number one in a nationwide survey of businesses. We surveyed over 600,000 businesses across the country last quarter, and this is just one of the nteresting findings. We ranked the top five cities, and looked at the industries with the fastest growing companies. See the full results of the survey below. You may need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document. This document is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and available for download and printing. Download Now!

Best Sales Blogs in 2015

  A new year means it’s time to ditch what wasn’t working in 2014 and get inspired to have your best sales year yet! But it’s not necessarily easy to change what you’ve always done and make each new year different from the last. The passage of time alone will not help you become a stronger salesperson…but new ideas can. In fact, understanding and implementing industry changes and innovations in sales is the only sure way to prime yourself for success in the new year. That’s why we’re listing the blogs of our favorite sales thought leaders to get you thinking about and discussing sales trends, shifts, and best practices. We hope you’re inspired to implement some new ideas in 2015! Jill Konrath – Fresh Sales Strategies, Konrath regularly shares succinct, helpful ideas for selling in an age where everyone is busier than ever. Lori Richardson – Score More Sales, Richardson offers immediately-actionable tips to help salespeople improve their results. Sign up for her free newsletter for regular updates and advice. Gerhard Gschwandtner – Selling Power, This helpful blog offers a variety of topics from both Gschwandtner and a diverse assortment of guest bloggers. Jeffrey Gitomer – Sales Blog, Gitomer offers tell-it-like-it-is sales advice and helpful resources. Check out his free e-book, Winners and Whiners. Jim Keenan – A Sales Guy, If you aren’t already reading Keenan’s popular blog, you should be. He offers refreshing, straightforward views. Andy Paul – The Sales Fix – […]

Ideas to beat the holiday “slow period” in B2B sales

  The month of December is huge for retail sales, but what about for businesses that only sell to other businesses? During holiday time, the increased stress of wrapping up the year (not to mention wrapping gifts) may mean that business owners will put off buying from you this month. Maybe they’re already over their budget for the quarter, or maybe they’re more concerned with planning that holiday party. Whatever the reason, your sales could take a hit this month. Here’s how to make the best of it: Have a holiday promotion. If retail can fill this month with discounts, so can you. Offer a holiday discount to encourage hesitant prospects to take the plunge. Explain that they won’t get this offer at any other time of year, so it’s important for them to act now. Market heavily to prospects, since some might have a budget surplus. Just reminding them that you’re around can lead to an uptick in sales. Usually a budget surplus is a “use it or lose it” scenario. Show prospects how your product or service is a great way to spend those extra dollars. Send cards and gifts to top prospects. So what if they haven’t bought from you yet? Add a few prospects to your list of gift recipients this year. Don’t forget to include a personal note. It’s hard to ignore a big basket of fruit or candy, so at least you’re likely to be remembered. Remind prospects to include you in their plan […]

Fresh ways to stay persistent in sales

by Shannon F. You’re probably sick of hearing about the importance of resilience, persistence, and staying motivated. The best salespeople are incredibly tenacious and are able to deflect the day-to-day negative feedback that pretty much everyone in this field faces. They may think they don’t need to fine-tune their attitudes to rejection or receive regular pep talks. The truth is, most salespeople need encouragement on a regular basis, even if it comes from within. Here are our suggestions for remaining persistent no matter what. Remind yourself that 80% of sales are made on the 5th through 12th attempt. It’s true. If you are getting a little frustrated with a prospect who isn’t returning your calls, remind yourself that it could take as many as 12 calls to set the appointment that gets you the deal. Be patient, and remember that 90% of sales reps make only three attempts or fewer. (You could even print the inspiring chart, above.) Complain for a little…and then stop.  Positive thinking is important, but sometimes the one thing that inspires you to keep going is having the opportunity to vent (briefly). If a prospect is ignoring your calls or has treated you horrendously, it’s okay to seek the empathy of others on your team. Feeling heard, and getting your anger out of your system, can energize you and give you the strength you need to move forward. But don’t complain about every little thing or dwell too much on a bad experience. Complaining only has […]

2014 Sales Star Contest

  We invite all InsightPRM and Wendover Corporation customers to enter our 2014 Sales Star Contest! Over $1000 in prizes will be given away to sales reps who have achieved outstanding results this year using our sales lead program and/or InsightPRM lead management software. The grand prize for Biggest Deal Closed in 2014 is $500, but we’re giving away tons of great prizes ranging in value from $25 to $250! For more information, please visit the contest page.    

Question of the Month: What should you do when the prospect says, “I’m not moving?”

  Many of our clients are commercial movers or sell products and services entirely dependent on a trigger event: corporate relocations. Nothing throws off a sales rep like a confirmed moving lead saying, “I’m not moving.” In fact, that objection can be enough to relegate the lead to what we call the “dead lead dumpster.” But just because someone says, “I’m not moving,” should you give up on the lead? In many cases, a prospect who offers an unexpected objection feels cornered. You have knowledge of a piece of information that was not disclosed to you, and that’s enough to put a business owner or manager’s guard up. Who are you, and how did you find out about their trigger event? In the prospect’s eyes, it’s none of your business that they are planning a move, even if your services can ultimately make their lives a lot easier. Should you discard the lead? If a prospect tells you their trigger event is not happening, don’t discard the lead too hastily. After all, you may have caught the prospect on a bad day, and “We’re not moving!” is a fake-out to get you off the phone. Let a little time pass, and make at least a few more attempts before determining that the lead is no good. Remember, someone at some point told your lead source they were moving. Try back at a better time As time draws closer to the trigger event, your prospect may start to become more interested […]

Daily Steal: Does Daily Deal Marketing Help Or Hurt?

by Shannon F. Pretty much everyone is familiar with sites like Groupon or Living Social. With product offerings ranging from half-price restaurant meals to impossibly cheap vacations, these daily deal sites are a great place for consumers to try something new with decreased financial risk. But if you’re in the dining, entertainment, or hospitality business, you probably have a love-hate relationship with daily deals. We’ll break it down for you and help you figure out whether this marketing strategy should be part of your business plan. How daily deals work A business participating in a daily deal offers their product or service at a discount, usually around 50% off. For example, a consumer might purchase $100 worth of food at a restaurant for $50. The daily deal site typically takes half the profit, which means the restaurant only gets $25 out of the deal. However, each daily deal has a required minimum number of buyers (putting the “group” in Groupon), in order to guarantee a certain amount of revenue to the business running the deal. If the restaurant in the above example requires 100 purchases in order for the deal to go through, they are guaranteed $2500. Otherwise, the deal is off. Do restaurants lose money on daily deals? In some cases, yes. Operating expenses are often high for restaurants, and profit margins tend to be narrow. In a recent study, over 26% of businesses lost money from running a daily deal, and about 18% reported just breaking even. There’s […]