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Leading the way since 1988

What can our decades of lead generating experience do for you? If you provide B2B products and services such as Commercial Real Estate, IT Services, Network Services, Construction, Office Furniture, Carpet and Lighting, Commercial Moving, Business Services, and more, we can help you boost productivity and increase sales. Every day, InsightPRM identifies new decision makers and important pending events that will trigger over $4 billion in purchases this year. Our team conducts over 2,000,000 telephone interviews annually to find the most accurate office relocation leads in the US, Canada, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Every lead is qualified in less than 48 hours and sent to you within 72 hours.

InsightPRM is different from other lead generation companies. We help you target prospects in the top 25% of US companies based on number of employees, so you can land bigger deals. We also find out when office space leases are expiring, which means we know when a company is moving even before the employees do. A company relocation means they’ll need new office space, IT services, commercial movers, telephones, and much more. With this critical information, you can plan your long-term marketing approach before the lease is up!

Seeking new solutions in prospect management

Turning prospects into customers can be a long and frustrating process. Salespeople describe it as tedious, discouraging, and even painful. Why? Because the average CRM software, while great for organizing established customers, provides few tools for managing the 12 to 18 touches that it often takes to set an appointment with a new prospect. With the leading sales software, it takes a rep nearly an hour and over 300 mouse clicks to make ten cold calls. InsightPRM is a new kind of CRM that cuts call-logging time in half and reduces the number of mouse clicks to 50 or fewer.

PRM is soon to be the lead management software of choice for salespeople in every industry. But what is it? PRM stands for Prospect Relationship Management. While the average CRM helps you manage existing customers, PRM gives you the tools you need to track and follow up on prospects. InsightPRM works alone or with your current CRM to manage leads at any stage.

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