Beyond the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Business Charity Ideas

  by Shannon F. Whether you gleefully participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or you thought it was a waste of clean water, this recent viral fundraiser prompted many individuals and organizations to reexamine what it means to make a difference. Spreading awareness and raising money can be fun and a little silly. It can seem frivolous but still have amazing results. And the best part is, anyone can get involved, even those who think they don’t have much to give. When Wendover/InsightPRM gathered on the lawn to watch VP of Sales Frank Craig and Territory Manager Joseph Catoe get soaked for a good cause, it certainly didn’t feel like an ordinary day at the office. Everyone returned to their desks with a renewed sense of purpose, because we had taken a stand as a team. It didn’t matter that our effort was a drop in the bucket. In the spirit of the Ice Bucket Challenge, here are some ideas to get your team working together for a good cause. Hold a sales competition for charity: whichever sales rep reaches goal first or has the best numbers on the board at the end of the week receives a donation to his or her favorite charity. Or, have the team pick a charity and work together to reach goal. Walk or run for charity: Sure, it’s an old standby, but until you’ve done it, you won’t know the feeling of getting your adrenaline pumping for a cause. Unique events like […]