Free Podcast with Ed Katz this Wednesday

  For the past 30 years, Ed and his International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) has been the world’s premier ‘university for office moving.’ He has provided training for thousands of industry professionals, helping to minimize business disruption and reduce expenses during the commercial moving process. We will pick his brain about the best ways to build your network and develop new business. Additionally, Ed will divulge his best strategies for nurturing long-lasting relationships that will ultimately maximize profitability and reduce turnover. Register now to save your seat.

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  Since 1997, has been the global storefront for the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), the world’s only university of office moving, and Office Moving Systems, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of highly specialized office moving products and equipment. For nearly 30 years, Ed Katz has been providing independent training and certification to moving industry professionals. If you’re an office mover, you will benefit tremendously from the exclusive training provided by Additionally, if you are a company that is moving, look for the IOMI® designation to ensure you are getting the best service possible. To minimize business disruption, reduce training expenses, and address the high turnover of entry level employees, Ed’s customers asked him to develop a learning alternative that: • Provides training for movers that covers the best practice methods to minimize the risk of injury to employees and damage to buildings and cargo. • Trains sales how to estimate accurately with the IOMI® proprietary formula so that jobs can finish on time for the price quoted with a built-in profit. • Allows all employees—executives, sales, admin, customer service, and ops access training modules online, anytime, at their convenience.   For the first time ever, Ed and IOMI® now deliver an affordable, next-generation online training program. Your business will experience minimal interruption with its on-demand course. For more information, visit