Sales Resolutions You Should Make in 2014

by Shannon F. The InsightPRM team is committed to self-improvement in the coming year. While we don’t plan to limit our junk food intake or hit the gym more frequently, we do want to do an even better job of helping our customers achieve their sales goals. To start, here’s a list of resolutions we think you should make in 2014 (we’re bossy like that). Feel free to tell us your suggestions for resolutions WE should make.   1. Refresh your knowledge of your industry. Don’t go around quoting last year’s facts and figures. Dig up some surprising new insight, like a famous success story or a study indicating that a change may be necessary for your customers. Sharing bold new facts will give you a burst of energy and confidence in your product. Here’s why you need to be an expert.   2. Put a new spin on tired old content, like email templates and call scripts. Try out new attention-getting subject lines or different ways of reaching out to tough prospects you weren’t able to sign in the past. Changing up your approach can be a surprisingly easy way to drive more sales in the New Year. Need to write an amazing sales email?   3. Find more time for calls. Even in an increasingly digital world, old-fashioned phone calls are still the backbone of B2B sales. Making cold calls and follow-up calls is time-consuming, which is why most salespeople don’t do it consistently. Make it your priority […]

Question of the Month: How do I use my Call List?

by Shannon F. How do I build a Call List, and what should it include? Building a daily or weekly call list is an important step to sales success (remember: 80% of sales are made after the 5th through 12th attempt, which means keeping track of your calls is critical). What is the Call List? The Call List is a task list of the calls you wish to make today. Each time you complete a call in the Call List and set a Followup date for that company, the record is removed automatically from your Call List. Your goal at the end of the day should be to have an empty Call List (and hopefully an appointment or two.) So what should you put in your Call List? Your goal is to keep track of new opportunities as well as leads you are in the process of nurturing. 1. First, take a look at your Followups for the day, and put them all into your Call List. If you are using InsightPRM, simply do a search for the day’s Followups, mark all the results, and add them to your Call List using the Action Menu at the bottom of your screen.  (If you don’t have any Followups scheduled yet, move on to Step 2.) 2.Next, search your List/PRM for any companies you haven’t reached out to yet. A good bet is to search leads that have an upcoming move date or lease expiration date. You can add leads to your […]