2014 Sales Star Contest

  We invite all InsightPRM and Wendover Corporation customers to enter our 2014 Sales Star Contest! Over $1000 in prizes will be given away to sales reps who have achieved outstanding results this year using our sales lead program and/or InsightPRM lead management software. The grand prize for Biggest Deal Closed in 2014 is $500, but we’re giving away tons of great prizes ranging in value from $25 to $250! For more information, please visit the contest page.    

Question of the Month: What should you do when the prospect says, “I’m not moving?”

  Many of our clients are commercial movers or sell products and services entirely dependent on a trigger event: corporate relocations. Nothing throws off a sales rep like a confirmed moving lead saying, “I’m not moving.” In fact, that objection can be enough to relegate the lead to what we call the “dead lead dumpster.” But just because someone says, “I’m not moving,” should you give up on the lead? In many cases, a prospect who offers an unexpected objection feels cornered. You have knowledge of a piece of information that was not disclosed to you, and that’s enough to put a business owner or manager’s guard up. Who are you, and how did you find out about their trigger event? In the prospect’s eyes, it’s none of your business that they are planning a move, even if your services can ultimately make their lives a lot easier. Should you discard the lead? If a prospect tells you their trigger event is not happening, don’t discard the lead too hastily. After all, you may have caught the prospect on a bad day, and “We’re not moving!” is a fake-out to get you off the phone. Let a little time pass, and make at least a few more attempts before determining that the lead is no good. Remember, someone at some point told your lead source they were moving. Try back at a better time As time draws closer to the trigger event, your prospect may start to become more interested […]