Are You a Micromanager?

by Shannon F. Being a micromanager, especially in a sales-related field, is the worst. Really. -You’ll sap productivity by limiting initiative and self-sufficiency. -You’ll back up the flow of both ideas and actions, since you insist on having control of every detail. -You’ll drive away great people by not giving them a chance to succeed on their own. -Ultimately, you will fail to maximize the revenue-driving potential of your sales team. -Also, people won’t like you. Check out our fun, useful* flow chart to determine if you—yes, you—are a micromanager. If you receive the bad news that you are (or are in danger of becoming) a micromanager, fear not. Coming next, we’ll tell you how to curb your destructive behavior, encourage sales rep accountability, and boost your team’s morale. *Disclaimer: flow chart may not be fun or useful to everyone.