What the First Day of Spring Means for Sales

By Shannon F. Depending on where you live, there may still be graying slush in the street and a half-melted snowman on your lawn, but the first day of spring is still a time to heat up your B2B sales numbers. We’ll spare you the clichés about spring as a time of rebirth. Here are three real reasons for making the first day of spring count! 1. It’s true: people make more, and better, decisions in the spring. They tend to have increased energy and enthusiasm now that the Second Quarter is beginning and the sun is shining a little harder. Start reaching out to these people at once! You’ll find that prospects who were sluggish about wanting to buy from you in the post-holiday months are suddenly starting to reactivate projects and ideas that were dormant over the winter. 2. Hiring peaks in the spring. The Second Quarter is often a time for companies to evaluate their personnel and consider adding new members to the team. If a company is expanding significantly, they will likely have the budget and the need for products like office furniture, IT equipment, and more. 3. Most office moves take place in the warmer months. An office move is one of the biggest events in the life of a company, and it’s when businesses will spend the most on B2B products and services. In the spring, construction and renovations typically take place at the leased office space. This makes spring an ideal time to […]