Fresh ways to stay persistent in sales

by Shannon F. You’re probably sick of hearing about the importance of resilience, persistence, and staying motivated. The best salespeople are incredibly tenacious and are able to deflect the day-to-day negative feedback that pretty much everyone in this field faces. They may think they don’t need to fine-tune their attitudes to rejection or receive regular pep talks. The truth is, most salespeople need encouragement on a regular basis, even if it comes from within. Here are our suggestions for remaining persistent no matter what. Remind yourself that 80% of sales are made on the 5th through 12th attempt. It’s true. If you are getting a little frustrated with a prospect who isn’t returning your calls, remind yourself that it could take as many as 12 calls to set the appointment that gets you the deal. Be patient, and remember that 90% of sales reps make only three attempts or fewer. (You could even print the inspiring chart, above.) Complain for a little…and then stop.  Positive thinking is important, but sometimes the one thing that inspires you to keep going is having the opportunity to vent (briefly). If a prospect is ignoring your calls or has treated you horrendously, it’s okay to seek the empathy of others on your team. Feeling heard, and getting your anger out of your system, can energize you and give you the strength you need to move forward. But don’t complain about every little thing or dwell too much on a bad experience. Complaining only has […]

Songs to put on your sales team’s playlist

By Shannon F. You probably don’t need a scientific study to tell you that music can make you happier at work, reduce your stress levels, and allow you to find a moment of calm in a noisy environment. But did you know that music improves productivity? Studies show that music can make you work harder and faster, and the benefits are not just limited to the gym. Sales managers found that sales actually increased when music was played. Does it matter what’s on the playlist? Runners swear by fast-paced, motivational music, while road-trippers claim that subject matter is what inspires them to cover more miles. Here’s a compilation of sales-related songs to get your team pumped (and productive). Eye of the Tiger—Survivor. The ultimate underdog anthem that reminds us to thrive, not just survive in sales. I Won’t Back Down—Tom Petty. Need to gather your steely resolve before speaking to a tough customer? This should be your theme song. We’re Not Gonna Take it—Twisted Sister. See above. Don’t Stop Believin’—Journey. This karaoke hit makes your pulse beat a little quicker. We bet you can’t not sing the falsetto part. The Gambler—Kenny Rogers. Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Could any more life lessons possibly be packed into one song? Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough—Michael Jackson. Good words of advice on a slow sales week. Take the Money and Run—Steve Miller Band. Channel an outlaw and run away with your sales goal. Takin’ Care of Business—Bachmann […]

How not to micromanage

by Shannon F. It may not come as a surprise to you that micromanagers are born out of a shaky economy. When sales are not as good as they could be, managers don’t just blame external forces or poor sales rep performance; they blame themselves. Tough times, an urgent need to drive revenue, and the pinch of desperation are all fairly understandable reasons for tightening the reins and beginning to monitor your sales team’s activity more carefully. But don’t risk going too far; it’s harmful and counterproductive to get too immersed in the daily minutia, and your sales team will resent you for it. Here are some tips for letting go of your need for control. Listen to others. Micromanagers may come off as highly conscientious or even anxious, but at the heart of this personality is a touch of arrogance. If you’re a micromanager, you tend to think you are the only one capable of making the right decision or having a good idea—after all, you are the boss for a reason. But if you’re the only one who does the talking in your sales meetings, you are missing out on a diverse source of ideas and insight. Encourage your team to contribute their suggestions and solutions. You may find that someone has a better way of approaching a sales situation or overcoming an objection. Trust your sales team. Chances are that your team is not comprised entirely of newbies. If you have a group of proven professionals working […]

Motivate Your Sales Team After Memorial Day

by Shannon F. Coming back from the long weekend leading into summer can be excruciating. Employees mentally prepare for the upcoming slow season while dreaming of setting their automatic email responses to “I will be on vacation from ___ to ___.” Motivating your employees is important year-round. But are your efforts growing more lukewarm than the open beers you left behind in the sand after an epic long weekend “down the shore” (if you’re from the Philly area like us)? Here are some Dos and Don’ts to keep your sales team fresh and productive this summer. Don’t do this: Do this: Don’t do this: Do this: Or this: Don’t do this: Do this: Don’t do this: Do this: Or this: Interested in how we can help you drive your summer sales success? Learn more about InsightPRM.

Have you hugged your sales team today?

by Shannon F.   While sales has its highlights and thrilling moments, most salespeople experience some frustration and monotony on a regular basis. It’s up to you to keep your sales team feeling valued and supported while also motivating them to continue working hard for you. That’s why March is International Hug A Salesperson Month. But while your salespeople would surely appreciate a random, awkward hug from you, they’d probably like these rewards even more: 1. A well-stocked kitchen. By rewarding your sales team with their favorite snacks, gum, breakfast items, fresh fruit, and drinks, you can thank them for their hard work without breaking the bank. Bonus: you’re also saving company time, since employees are less likely to run to the [insert regional convenience store here] every time they get hungry or thirsty. Tip: Arranging for other timesavers, like dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, can both reward salespeople and make it easier for them to work later. 2. A 3-day cruise. Send your top-performing salesperson on a short vacation. You’ll probably recoup what you spent when he/she returns refreshed and inspired to sell. Plus, a long weekend getaway doesn’t have to cost very much—look for deals online or from your company’s travel agent. Bonus: Employees who weren’t rewarded this time around will be motivated to work harder so that they’ll be recognized next. Tip: think about cashing in the frequent flier miles accrued by the company credit card to reward a deserving employee. 3. Something cool for the office. Suggestions: […]

Long, hot summer for your sales team?

Here in the Philadelphia area, temperatures have been off the charts this summer. Are your sales spiking too, or are you feeling the pinch from sales reps who are dreaming about their next beach vacation instead of logging cold calls? Summer is often a slow time for companies, but it doesn’t have to be. We have some tips for keeping your summer sales productive, at least until Labor Day. 1. Have a contest. Sure, we’d all rather be snorkeling, but it’s possible to have fun at work while increasing sales revenue. How? Try throwing in a summer-long sales contest or put a few bonuses up for grabs to keep your team focused and working towards a goal. A little healthy competition can enliven the summer months, and you’ll likely see results. Sure, it’s not a margarita at the poolside bar, but it will get your sales reps going. 2. Reward your sales team. You don’t have to stage a summer bash complete with Polynesian flame jugglers and mai tais, though you could. A dress-down day or pizza in the break room can be a much-appreciated reward for your team’s hard work. Your employees will be motivated to keep on increasing sales even when other companies are slowing down for the summer. 3. Switch up your approach. Keep in mind that many of your prospects will be vacationing over the summer, which means an email blast might not be the best way to reach potential clients. Who sifts through a week’s […]