Songs to put on your sales team’s playlist

By Shannon F.

Sales can be discordant, but the best salespeople rock on.

You probably don’t need a scientific study to tell you that music can make you happier at work, reduce your stress levels, and allow you to find a moment of calm in a noisy environment. But did you know that music improves productivity? Studies show that music can make you work harder and faster, and the benefits are not just limited to the gym. Sales managers found that sales actually increased when music was played. Does it matter what’s on the playlist? Runners swear by fast-paced, motivational music, while road-trippers claim that subject matter is what inspires them to cover more miles. Here’s a compilation of sales-related songs to get your team pumped (and productive).

Eye of the Tiger—Survivor. The ultimate underdog anthem that reminds us to thrive, not just survive in sales.

I Won’t Back Down—Tom Petty. Need to gather your steely resolve before speaking to a tough customer? This should be your theme song.

We’re Not Gonna Take it—Twisted Sister. See above.

Don’t Stop Believin’—Journey. This karaoke hit makes your pulse beat a little quicker. We bet you can’t not sing the falsetto part.

The Gambler—Kenny Rogers. Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Could any more life lessons possibly be packed into one song?

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough—Michael Jackson. Good words of advice on a slow sales week.

Take the Money and Run—Steve Miller Band. Channel an outlaw and run away with your sales goal.

Takin’ Care of Business—Bachmann Turner Overdrive. This will help you power through any task. Warning: it could get stuck in your head for days.

Life in the Fast Lane—The Eagles. Sales is a highway, and you may have to speed to keep up.

What’s on your sales playlist? Tell us in the comments!

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