Have you hugged your sales team today?

by Shannon F.

While sales has its highlights and thrilling moments, most salespeople experience some frustration and monotony on a regular basis. It’s up to you to keep your sales team feeling valued and supported while also motivating them to continue working hard for you. That’s why March is International Hug A Salesperson Month. But while your salespeople would surely appreciate a random, awkward hug from you, they’d probably like these rewards even more:

1. A well-stocked kitchen. By rewarding your sales team with their favorite snacks, gum, breakfast items, fresh fruit, and drinks, you can thank them for their hard work without breaking the bank. Bonus: you’re also saving company time, since employees are less likely to run to the [insert regional convenience store here] every time they get hungry or thirsty. Tip: Arranging for other timesavers, like dry-cleaning pickup and delivery, can both reward salespeople and make it easier for them to work later.

2. A 3-day cruise. Send your top-performing salesperson on a short vacation. You’ll probably recoup what you spent when he/she returns refreshed and inspired to sell. Plus, a long weekend getaway doesn’t have to cost very much—look for deals online or from your company’s travel agent. Bonus: Employees who weren’t rewarded this time around will be motivated to work harder so that they’ll be recognized next. Tip: think about cashing in the frequent flier miles accrued by the company credit card to reward a deserving employee.

3. Something cool for the office. Suggestions: a secondhand pool table, a bigger TV for the break room, or new desk chairs for all. If your salespeople are comfortable in their work environment, they will be happier working those long hours. Bonus: you can give your office a much-needed overhaul! Tip: if you have a small budget, get something fun but inexpensive, like lava lamps.

4. A personal gesture. A hand-written note or a thoughtfully-selected gift can be just as valuable as cold, hard cash to someone who truly cares about his or her job. Bonus: taking the time to write your high-performing salesperson a nice letter or pick out a personal gift you think he/she would love will probably be the best part of your day. Tip: Since it’s International Hug a Salesperson Month and all, include a hug with the card, Green Lantern action figure, clip-on book light (or whatever else your warmth and generosity inspired.)

5. Simply ask your team what they need to make their job easier. It could be as big as new sales software that makes cold-calling less painful (yes, this is an ill-disguised pitch for our awesome product), or as small as a new headset for hands-free calling. Everyone wants to feel valued and heard. Bonus: when you address your team’s needs and concerns, they’ll work harder and more efficiently. Tip: Encourage your salespeople to come up with ways that they can work more productively. Often, solutions are relatively easy and inexpensive.

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