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Below we’ve put together a demo to show you some of key features for our InsightPRM software. You’ll find that InsightPRM is very easy to use and our new innovative software will make calling and prospecting much much easier! If you’d like to learn more about InsightPRM and its features for administrative purposes, take a look at our video demonstration, email us at [email protected] or give us a call today at 610-449-2056!


  • One of the great features of the InsightPRM software is the ability to search and sort information by category. For instance, if you’re searching for relocation leads in the city of Philadelphia, you can pull up the most recent leads by using the search feature and typing in “Philadelphia” and it will provide a list of companies only in that city. You can also search by the date that companies are moving. Any companies whose leads are in the future are typically new leads.

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  • Searching by the moving date of companies allows you to assign those leads to any one of your sales representatives very easily. Simply click the drop-down menu next to the lead and select the person you want to assign that particular lead to.

    You also have the option of assigning several leads to one person by checking the boxes next to each lead, scrolling to the bottom of the page to the option “Apply to Marked Records” and selecting a sales representative’s name from the drop-down menu. This same method of assigning leads can be done whether you’re searching companies by zip code, city, or move date. If you wish to assign all the leads on a page to one person, instead of checking the box for each lead, you can simply select “Mark” at the top of page and select a representative’s name.

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  • The new InsightPRM software also has great easy-to-use features for sales managers to supervise their sales team. By selecting the “Admin” menu button, you’ll be directed to an administrator panel where you’ll see a couple of different fields where you can check your sales team activity, customize field names, and search for companies.

    Here’s how it works.

    Let’s say you’re a company in the furniture business and you want your sales team to start including the names of the companies in the company data. You can change the “User Defined Field Names” so that one of them says “Furniture Manufacturer”.

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  • Once you save, go back to the PRM list and select a company. Under the User Defined Fields section, you will see “Furniture Manufacturer” as a field that your sales representatives will be able to type into. This is a valuable feature now available to you with InsightPRM. If you’re looking for specific information about your prospects, you’ll be able to add those through “User Defined Fields” that only the administrator can edit.

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  • As we mentioned previously, InsightPRM allows you to see your sales team’s productivity and how they use the database each day. In the Admin panel, you’ll see the link “Daily Activity Report”. Clicking that will take you to a record with each team member’s name and their activities, or “touches”. In our example, at 2pm, Danielle had 8 touches and at 3pm, 3 touches.

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    You’re probably asking: what do “touches” mean? Touches correspond to the number of times buttons are pushed. For example if Danielle called a company, and spoke to a spokesperson, left a voicemail or set an appointment, she can track her progress by simply clicking the corresponding button, and each click is equal to a touch.

    This feature is especially useful if you have an inside sales person working from home or if you hire a telemarketing company or appointment setting company to keep track of their progress and whether they’re doing what they should. This attribute of the program can also provide automatic reports for your convenience. Reports can be delivered each day, week, or month.

  • Following-up on Prospects

    In our example follow-up list, you can see that the missed follow-up phone calls are highlighted in red. In order to fix and return the lead to normal that we simply select the company and begin recording any activity we make: leaving voicemails, setting appointments. Once that’s done, you can change the follow-up date.

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    What’s great about InsightPRM is that under each company there are two sections for note-taking. At the bottom there are several fields where you can have notes that are not so important, but pertinent from week-to-week. At the top, you have “My Insights”. This is where valuable information will go about each company. Once you’re finished with a record, press “Save” and the page will immediately go the next record. In that alone, you’ve just saved one click.

  • Another way to monitor your sales representatives is by viewing how many follow-ups they have. You can do this by going back to the “Daily Activity Report” in the Admin Panel, and selecting “Follow-ups” from the sub-menu. Once again, this will give you a follow-up activity report on all your sales team members and you have the ability to click at the individual companies listed to take a closer look.

    The report will also show you all of your sales reps follow-ups for the upcoming day, week or month. Remember: appointments equal revenue, so this is a great way to make sure your team is staying on top of their game.

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  • Integrating with your CRM
    If your company currently uses CRM software that they love, there’s no need to change that with InsightPRM. Integrating Insight with your current CRM has become easier than it ever was. You can do this by defining the data that you want exported from InsightPRM that’s specific to your current CRM.

    To begin, you’ll want to create a template where you’ll customize the information you want to export about the companies currently in your PRM. To do that go back to the Admin Panel by clicking “Admin” in the menu, and scroll down, until you see the “Import/Export Definition” section. In our example, we call our CRM Goldmine and we input that in the “Name” field at the bottom.

    After that, you can begin selecting the different categories you’d like to know about the companies in your PRM. Simply click the categories you want to see in the excel spreadsheet  from the left-hand column, and press the “Add Selected Items” button above the column. They will be transferred directly to the right. This includes company name, address, date of creation, move coordinator and much more. Once you’ve made your selections, press the “Save Import/Export Definition” at the bottom of your screen. Remember that the items you select will appear in the order you selected them. Moving things around is as simple as dragging and dropping from the bottom of the list to the top and vice versa.

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  • Now, you can begin exporting companies from your PRM. From the main menu, go to the PRM list of your company. To export, simply select the records you’d like, scroll down to the area that says “Apply to Marked Records” and select the export settings you’ve just created. For our example it would be “Export Using Goldmine Layout”.

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    After selection, you will be prompted by your browser to open or save your file. Your export will open in an excel spreadsheet with one company per line for easy view.

    One of the greatest features of this PRM that we’re proud to share is that along with exporting company data, InsightPRM directly exports all the notes you’ve added in “My Insights” under each company record. With CRMs that we’ve used in the past, this feature wasn’t available. In order to learn about a certain company, you had to go back to the program, find the company and re-read through every little note in the record. With Insight, we give you an area to put only the most important information about a company: “My Insights”, and then export that right along with company data so that when the time comes to go to your appointment or make a follow-up call, all you need to know is right there in front of you.


    We encourage you to join the InsightPRM team and begin utilizing the admin tool to drive the behavior of your sales team and increase your awareness of all prospect relationships. In each report you will see new prospects, follow-up phone calls, appointments and relevant notes. All of the key features that we’ve added to InsightPRM will drive your business forward. When your sales team is successful, you’re successful, and we like to see companies excel.

    If you have any questions, would like to do a live demo, or if you’d just like to know more about InsightPRM, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 610-449-2056.

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