Best Sales Blogs in 2015


A new year means it’s time to ditch what wasn’t working in 2014 and get inspired to have your best sales year yet! But it’s not necessarily easy to change what you’ve always done and make each new year different from the last. The passage of time alone will not help you become a stronger salesperson…but new ideas can. In fact, understanding and implementing industry changes and innovations in sales is the only sure way to prime yourself for success in the new year. That’s why we’re listing the blogs of our favorite sales thought leaders to get you thinking about and discussing sales trends, shifts, and best practices. We hope you’re inspired to implement some new ideas in 2015!

Jill Konrath – Fresh Sales Strategies,

Konrath regularly shares succinct, helpful ideas for selling in an age where everyone is busier than ever.

Lori Richardson – Score More Sales,

Richardson offers immediately-actionable tips to help salespeople improve their results. Sign up for her free newsletter for regular updates and advice.

Gerhard Gschwandtner – Selling Power,

This helpful blog offers a variety of topics from both Gschwandtner and a diverse assortment of guest bloggers.

Jeffrey Gitomer – Sales Blog,

Gitomer offers tell-it-like-it-is sales advice and helpful resources. Check out his free e-book, Winners and Whiners.

Jim Keenan – A Sales Guy,

If you aren’t already reading Keenan’s popular blog, you should be. He offers refreshing, straightforward views.

Andy Paul – The Sales Fix –

Paul provides fresh, insightful strategies for taking your performance to the next level. Don’t forget to sign up for the Weekly Sales Fix, delivered to your inbox.

Did we miss any sales blogs you think everyone should be reading? Tell us in the comments, or contact us.

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