Inspirational sales quotes that have never been written

by Shannon F.



Some of the sales industry’s most beloved inspirational quotes have grown a little stale. How many times do you have to be reminded to think positive, dream big, and make lemonade out of unwanted citrus? What if you don’t like lemonade? Here are four sales quotes that have never been written. We’re not suggesting that you frame them and put them above your desk, but maybe they will inspire you to overcome your sales challenges.


“Reaching the top of the mountain is a struggle, but once you forge the raging river, you’ll be among the stars.”

What’s wrong with this quote: mixed metaphor; scientific inaccuracy

What this quote teaches salespeople: Your sales struggles won’t always make sense. Know when to say, “Hey, are we talking about mountain climbing, kayaking, or astronomy here?” It’s up to you to get straight answers.


“Nothing’s impossible. Actually, some things are impossible. Consider another major category: improbable.”

What’s wrong with this quote: not inspirational

What this quote teaches salespeople: Does something seem so far out of reach that you would have to devote a disproportionate amount of energy to making it happen? Is your energy better spent working towards goals with a higher return and a greater likelihood of succeeding? Do the probable thing first, and then when you get done, take a stab at the improbable task. Realize that some things, like signing a customer who HATES you, might not happen in your lifetime.


“Winning is easy. It’s losing again and again and again (and again) that’s hard.”

What’s wrong with this quote: bleak

What this quote teaches salespeople: There will be days when everything you touch turns platinum and days when you are constantly rejected and people say things that depress you. Sometimes it seems like there are more of the second kind of day than the first kind. Learn how to cheer yourself up and keep going.


“There is no ‘I’ in Victory. Oh – wait.”

What’s wrong with this quote: smug

What this quote teaches salespeople: Give yourself a little credit where credit is due. Sometimes it was all you, 100%. Good job, you.


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