Is Your CRM Stressing out Your Sales Team?

If your sales team is frustrated by their CRM, you’ll see some signs like:


Decrease in productivity
Failure to meet sales goals
Low morale
Outright refusal to use sales software
Mood swings
Teeth-grinding, hair-pulling, or general listlessness


As a sales manager, you’re understandably concerned when your salespeople aren’t performing to the height of their potential. Poor performance can’t always be attributed to insufficient tools and resources, but in the case of slow sales software in today’s fast-paced marketplace, it’s easy to understand why sales reps are getting frustrated.

Let’s take a look at the average sales software. It’s designed for managing existing clients, so making cold calls to new prospects and suspects using this software can be arduous. Every salesperson knows that reaching prospects on the phone (and getting them to listen to your pitch) is now harder than ever. In fact, it often takes twice as many calls to reach a prospect as it did ten years ago. But does each call have to take so long? Sales reps use as many as 300 mouse clicks per ten cold calls and take an average of six minutes to log a single call. Since it takes about 7 calls on average to make contact with a decision-maker, a sales rep could be spending upwards of 35 minutes just getting a single prospect on the phone, once. (And of course, the prospect probably won’t say yes the first time.)

That’s why faster CRM is a trend we’re seeing a lot of lately. Everyone has less time, so speeding up every process has become the goal of today’s innovators. Self-checkout lines, streaming movies, and other timesavers have made our personal lives easier. A faster CRM can revitalize your business while boosting your sales team’s productivity and morale. You can’t buy a Murcielago for every rep to speed up their sales visits, but you can give your team faster sales software.


What are some ways your company is speeding up prospecting and getting the most out of your sales software?

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